ShadowBrook Farm

Shadowbrook Farm Dutchgirl Creamery Lincoln Nebraska

Meet Kevin, Charuth and Ian of ShadowBrook Farm and Dutch Girl Creamery!

For over 20 years, Kevin Loth and Charuth van Beuzekom have been mainstays at the Lincoln and Omaha farmers’ markets.  With bountiful baskets of fresh greens and sunflower sprouts, ShadowBrook Farm is known for having a line when the morning whistle blows at the market. 

ShadowBrook Farm and Dutch Girl Creamery offers:

  • Hand-crafted artisan goat cheeses
  • Cut flowers and garden transplants
  • Seasonal produce at farmers’ markets and grocery stores
  • Pasture raised pork

ShadowBrook is a 34 acre family owned farm located on the urban fringe of Lincoln.  About 10 acres is devoted to specialty vegetable production and 12 acres in alfalfa to rotationally graze their goat herd.  ShadowBrook Farm has been instrumental in moving towards a ‘regional food system’ in Nebraska, a system where food is sold directly to the consumer rather than traveling hundreds of miles to reach your plate.

Charuth and Kevin continue to be active on the farm, but in the 2019 growing season, they invited a beginning farmer, Ian Richmond, to start managing ShadowBrook’s vegetable production and market stands. Bringing beginning farmers to the land is a big part of sustaining a local food system.  As farmers get older, their children may not always be interested in bearing the responsibilities of farming.  Additionally, the opportunity to manage on an existing farm helps beginning farmers learn the ropes from experienced producers.

Got Goats?


To add value to their business, ShadowBrook purchased a herd of goats in 2006 and founded Dutch Girl Creamery.  Today, Charuth raises a herd of 200 milking goats to provide farm fresh milk to make her artisan cheeses. Charuth’s goat dairy, Dutch Girl Creamery, produces over 20,000 pounds of cheese annually with various types of raw and pasteurized goat milk cheeses.  Charuth’s artisan cheeses are not only tasty, they are award-winning!  Her Rosa Maria cheese, an aged Spanish-style salt-brined cheese, won first in its class at the 2018 American Cheese Society!

Goat cheeses can be substituted for many dishes.  Try out Dutch Girl Creamery feta-style cheese, Calypso, or spread-able goat cheese kwark in your next meal!

Learn more about the art behind making Rosa Maria cheese in this article by Culture Cheese Magazine.

Where to find ShadowBrook Farm: