Oak Barn Beef

Meet Hannah and Eric Kiltz, the owners of Oak Barn Beef, located in West Point, NE.

What Oak Barn Beef offers:
  • Beef Bundles 
  • Individual Cuts 
  • Subscription Boxes  
  • Beef Specials 
  • Whole, Halves, and Quarters 
  • Oak Barn Beef Apparel 

How it Started  

Both Hannah and Eric Kiltz grew up around cattle, but Hannah had the idea to start a beef business. The Kiltzes are both very passionate about their business and enjoy taking care of animals along with their cattle. Each of them has been around cattle their whole lives, which interested them in creating this business in the first place.  

Hannah founded Oak Barn Beef with her husband, Eric, in 2018. They raise and sell dry-aged beef across the United States. Their services provide beef in many different forms and cuts. These include beef jerky and sticks, prime rib, summer sausage, ground beef, filet mignon, and much more. They strive to put a “fancy” steak on your doorstep, instead of ordering from a restaurant table.  

Each beef order at Oak Barn Beef comes freshly from the finest of the Kiltz cattle herd. Each head of cattle is DNA tested, grass-fed and finished, butchered locally, and dry-aged to make sure you are getting the whole experience. This farm is based on serving customers with Nebraska-raised beef from a local family farm.  

Why it’s so special 

Dried-aged beef goes through many steps to create the most perfect-tasting meat. The beef at Oak Barn Beef is sent to and from the local butcher and hung in a climate-controlled room, which gives the beef extra time to naturally break down enzymes. The breakdown helps to tenderize the meat and mature it, all together having better quality and premium cuts.  

The Kiltzes are advocates for agriculture and the beef industry. Their advocacy doesn’t just stop with having a business, but a social media blog. In this blog, they talk about many ways to incorporate beef into your daily life. It ranges from information about beef on your food palette, cooking and updates about the beef barn. For more information about the blog, refer to their website below.  


Where to find Oak Barn Beef:

This article was written in collaboration with Buy Fresh Buy Local staff and UNL Student Gracie Nuss.