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Find something tasty from Nutt Family Jams & Jellies Country Market near Kearney, NE!

 What Nutt Family Jams & Jellies Offers:
  • Jams & jellies made with locally grown fruits
  • Baked goods
  • Elderberry products
  • Beef
Offering an assortment of locally grown fruit jams and jellies, Dani Nutt offers a sweet taste of Nebraska!

Dani Nutt, owner of Nutt Family Jams & Jellies Country Market, knows her fruit – she specializes in making an amazing assortment of jams & jellies – and picks nearly all the wild berries and domesticated fruits from her own family’s farm.

Fruit jams & jellies are a staple in many American households, but have you thought about why we do it?  The history of jams goes back to the 16th century with accounts of Greeks mixing quince with honey (read about Quince “secret fruit of autumn” here).  Mixing fruit with sugar allows us to preserve the abundant harvests of fruits so they can be enjoyed throughout the year, especially giving us a taste of summer in the blistery cold months of winter. 

“There was always chokecherry and plum jelly in the fridge growing up…”

chokecherries in a bucket

There is something so nostalgic about opening a jar of jelly.  For Dani, she remembers making chokecherry jelly with her mother when she was young.  Chokecherry, the “Super Fruit” of Nebraska, is native wild shrub or small tree that produces small red or black fruits and grows very well in Nebraska.  Fruit can be wild-harvested or intentionally planted in your urban or rural landscape. 

Affordable chokecherry plants can be ordered by your local NRD office as part of their Tree Program: 

Chokecherries are bitter raw but after cooking into jelly transform into a lovely flavor profile of sweet and tart.  To Dani and her family, the chokecherry isn’t a new fruit. Her grandmother, great grandmother, and great great grandmother picked chokecherries and made them into jelly.


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