Nebraska Crunch Off

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Ready to Crunch, Nebraska?

October is Farm to School Month and Nebraska is participating in the multi-state CRUNCH OFF!  During the month of October, source a locally grown apple or other crunchable fruit/vegetable like pears, kohlrabi, beets, radishes, etc. and help Nebraska win!

For a list of "crunchable" items as well as seasonal recipes, visit the Nebraska Department of Education.  The state that registers the most "crunches" wins!  

Nebraska Farm to School Website

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Steps to Get Started

Access the full Crunch Off toolkit with ideas and resources after you’ve registered your Crunch Off event!

  1. Register for the 2019 Mountain Plains Crunch Off You’ll receive a free toolkit upon registering.  Kits are available in Spanish and English.
  2. Create a Crunch Team!
  3. Decide what you will crunch and where you will get it from!
  4. Go to the Online Food Guide

    Download the List of Producers

  5. Create your Crunch plan! See ideas below for pairing the Crunch Off with other local farm to school programs
  6. Promote your Crunch event!  Share with the region on Facebook that you’ll be participating, and then feel free to create your own facebook event for your district!