Fruit of Levine

Fruit of Levine Omaha Nebraska

Meet Mike and Jodi Levine of Fruit of Levine LLC!

Fruit of Levine is a niche producer of specialty fruits, vegetables, and honey products that are difficult to source locally.  Situated just north of Omaha and east of Bennington, this 15-acre farmstead owned/operated by Jodi and Mike Levine, uses growing practices with nature in mind.  Their farming philosophy is exemplified when you get to know how Jodi and Mike manage pests and weeds on the farm. Instead of using synthetic chemicals to reduce pests and weeds, Fruit of Levine's first approach is what they heartily refer to as their "bug squad," one goose and 18 ducks that love to eat weedy vegetation and insects.

Fruit of Levine offers:

  • Honey, beeswax, honeycomb, & other honey products like lip balm and candles
  • Duck and goose eggs
  • Home-grown vegetables
  • Black & red raspberries
  • Blackberries
  • Herbs

Beet Ice Cream

Fruit of Levine Specialties:

  • Growing ingredients like lavendar, raspberries, beets & honey to flavor ice cream at local creameries in Omaha. Yum!  These unique ingredients add a taste of Nebraska to ice cream.
  • Delicious Honey

Did you know that different flower nectar produce different colors and flavors of honey?


The color and flavor of honey depends on which flowers the honey bees feasted on while producing honey!  Honey bees are free roaming and will travel between 2 and 4 miles away from their hive for food.  Nonetheless, many farmers also ensure there is enough flowering plants on their land for forage.  Fruit of Levine plants clover and wildflowers for their honey bees and other beneficial insects.  

In addition to growing honey bees, Fruit of Levine also does free swarm removals in Omaha.  If you see a bee swarm in your neighborhood, reach out!  Learn more at Save the Honey Bees!

Where to find Fruit of Levine: