Barreras Family Farm

Barreras Family Farm

Meet Mariel and Anthony Barreras of Barreras Family Farm!

“Military experience has taught me the importance of advocacy and collaboration – meeting others, learning from them, and supporting those who may not have a voice.  Service is at the heart of our farm mission.”

At Barreras Family Farm, just a few miles north of Omaha, Mariel and Anthony along with their 8 children, work the land to bring fresh food and farm education to the community.  Anthony is currently an active-duty U.S. Army soldier.  He met Mariel while deployed in Alaska, where they spent many of their first dates hunting bears (hence the bear in their farm logo!).  Anthony's military experience has instilled the fundamental values of their farm where service, respect, and integrity are integrated into daily farm chores and decision-making.

Barreras Family Farm is a member of Homegrown By Heroes (HBH) program, which is the official farmer veteran branding program of the United States. The HBH logo serves to inform consumers that products donning the logo were produced by military veterans.

Homegrown Heroes Logo

Education on the Farm

Barreras Family Farm started with a only a few free-range chickens, but it has grown to include a plethora of farm products from pigs to honey bees.  In addition to raising animals, the Barreras family is dedicated to providing engaging, unique farm-style education and fun, informative events for youth and adults. Many of the educational programs and events like their Summer Farm Camps, Public FarmTours, or Easter Photo Sessions take place on the farm, where participants can enjoy fresh air, sunshine, and all the sights and sounds of a working farm!

The Barreras family also brings their farm-style education to you! With their Online Farm School families and organizations can learn about life on the farm through STE+AM based activities, interactive video lessons, activity worksheets, tutorials, recipes and art projects. Geared toward middle school age students, but adaptable to younger and older ages, these courses are perfect for home or classroom learning.

Check out some of the courses in the Online Farm School:

  • Water & Irrigation
  • Energy & Electricity
  • Cooking & Grilling- The Science behind meat preparation
  • Gardening & Growing
  • Beekeeping
  • All about Meat Cows
  • Making Soap
  • Want to start a farm? Here’s How.

Another innovative way Barreras Family Farm is bringing the farm to you is through their Rent A Chick Educational Program. Participating families take home two young chicks and provide care to them for one week. During that week family members learn about feeding, watering, exercising and caring for creatures that are dependent on them for survival. It is an experience that will create lifelong memories and teach lessons in responsibility, farm life, animal husbandry and animal life cycles. At the end of the week chicks are returned to Barreras Family Farm, where they will be transitioned into the flock of laying hens. Participants are encouraged to come back to the farm to visit their feathered friends!

Barreras Family Farm Offers:
  • Grass finished Beef
  • Pasture raised Pork
  • Honey
  • Pet treats made from their local meat!
  • Chicken Eggs

Where you can find Barreras Family Farm:

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Phone: 402-906-9766