Wellman Wagyu

Meet Dixi and Rusty Wellman from Wellman Wagyu of Waverly, NE.


What Wellman Wagyu offers:  
  • Premium American Wagyu Beef – Quarter Beef or Half Beef available!
  • Wagyu female cows to start your own Wagyu herd!


A supportive Waverly family raising wagyu for 7 years strives for the honest best  

Wagyu Beef production for this local family started with their son, who was in need of a 4-H bucket calf, which his uncle provided. From there the family learned the joys of having cattle around the farm. What started with teaching a young son the value of responsibility, turned into a beef production business that strives for the best for their customers. A Texas nutritionist helps with the feed recipes for this family’s herd of full-blooded American Wagyu cattle to make sure the cattle are receiving the best. 

Not only are they wanting the best for their business, but they are also always doing their best to support the local entrepreneurs around them. The feed they provide for the cattle comes from the local coop in the area. Whenever they have a chance to help a neighbor, they always jump on the opportunity. However, the priority for this family is the cattle. Stressed cattle make for a worried household. As soon as the calves come into this world, they make sure the stress on these animals is down to an absolute minimum.

Why Wagyu?

Wagyu beef is known to be “the most luxurious meat on the planet.”  This is because the Wagyu genetics and way of caretaking Wagyu cattle mean the meat has abundant marbling, buttery tenderness, and excellent flavor. Wagyu cattle are well-fed and well-tended to create a stress-free environment for the animals. The way they are raised yields the prized qualities in premium Wagyu beef! Raising cattle this way is more expensive because of the extra time spent caring for the animals, but the results are worth it!

Give Wagyu a try with Wellman Wagyu!


Where to find Wellman Wagyu:

This article was written in collaboration with Buy Fresh Buy Local staff and UNL Student Keri Sanne.