Little Mountain Ranch & Garden

Little Mountain Ranch and Garden Fort Calhoun Nebraska

Meet Little Mountain Ranch and Garden from Fort Calhoun Nebraska!

Little Mountain Ranch and Garden is a small diverse farm nestled in the bluffs above the Missouri River, specializing in woodlot pork, grassfed beef, pastured poultry & eggs, produce & mushrooms.

Our passion for raising local food stems from both our love for the outdoors and intention for working with nature, not against it. We also firmly believe local sustainable foods are the answer to our broken food system and to producing food with practices that regenerate our environment.”

Little Mountain offers:

Where you can find Little Mountain Ranch & Garden:

  • Check out their facebook page and see lots of photos of happy, healthy animals and plants.
  • Their Instagram page also offers a peek into the day to day life at the farm.
  • Their website has information about their products and how  to purchase them!

On a small farm in the hills outside of Omaha, Little Mountain Ranch and Garden raises food that they are proud to offer their community. It is food that produced in a way that nourishes the land, as it nourishes the humans who enjoy it. A diverse mix of animals, plants and fungi are raised at Little Mountain, each has its own purpose in the farm's efforts to rejuvenate the land, care for the soil, and help the farmers make a living. Pigs, cattle, poultry, produce and mushrooms all play a part in their farm ecosystem.

Pigs at Little Mountain are farrowed (birthed) on the farm and raised on pasture and timbered areas. The act of farrowing alone could make Little Mountain unique, as this could be considered a dying art. Many producers raise and butcher “feeder” pigs, young pigs that folk buy and raise until they are ready to butcher. Farrowing and breeding pigs on farm allows farmers to select a swine herd that is adapted to its' environment. In Nebraska being well adapted might mean thriving on certain forages and withstanding our harsh climate.

“Why Forest Raised Pork?”

“Pigs in the woods, it's a beautiful thing. When we turn pigs out into a new section of our forest paddocks it's a delight to see all the vegetation they forage. Pigs both relish and benefit from a wide range diet and a forest environment provides just that. We raise our own herd of Idaho Pasture Pigs which love to eat both grass and everything in the forest from nettles to walnuts and acorns. The diverse diet produces pork that we think is the best ever, and we stand behind it.”