Common Good Farm

Common Good Farm Raymond Nebraska

Meet Ruth Chantry & Evrett Lunquist of Common Good Farm!

Growing Good Food Through Good Farming for Over 20 Years

Welcome to Common Good Farm, a one of a kind mom & pop farm that produces certified organic and certified biodynamic vegetables and meat in Raymond, Nebraska!  With over 20 years of farming, Ruth & Evrett’s dedication to the land and ecology shows in the diversity and quality of products they offer to the community. 

Common Good Farm offers:

Seeing the Farm as a Natural Landscape

Ruth & Evrett produce good food through soil regeneration and conscientious farming practices.  When met with a farm problem, like pest or weed pressure, they look for natural and ecological solutions.  When bindweed (a fast-spreading weed with a very long taproot) started affecting their farm, Ruth and Evrett decided to add pigs to the land to control the weed without synthetic herbicides.  Since pigs naturally love to “root” around in the soil, they helped dig up and eat the fleshy roots of the bindweed!  Since adding pigs to the land, Common Good Farm has reduced the weed pressure from bindweed.

"We feel we were called to grow good food, pure & simple."

A commitment to the community has been a core value of Common Good Farm since the beginning.  Farmers Ruth & Evrett, both with urban upbringings, now run the longest standing Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farms in the State!  By purchasing a CSA share, you are investing in the farm early in the season and receiving a weekly share of vegetables each week to enjoy.  Learn more about CSA’s here.

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