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Meet Mark & Linda Graf of Graf Bees – The Buzz in Emerson, NE!

Stop by their shop in northeast Nebraska for local honey & honey products!
What Graf Bees – The Buzz Offers:
  • Honey bottled in six different sizes
  • Natural bee products including lip balm, candles, soaps, lotions
  • Beeswax to make your own bee products!
  • Honey treats like honey taffy and honey ice cream
  • Honey-based sauces including honey mustard and honey BBQ
  • Pet treats

Bee populations across the United States are in decline, but bees are responsible for nearly 1 in 3 bites of food that humans consume because of the food crops that require pollination to grow (think apples, coffee, almonds, blueberries, cucumbers, watermelons, & more!). 

Local beekeepers like Mark and Linda Graf are helping keep bee populations alive, managing hives from infestations, and helps local farms have an abundance of pollinators.

How does honey get from the hive to those pretty bear containers?

Taking honey out of the hive and putting it into jars takes time and patience! 

When beekeepers open a hive, they harvest a frame full of honeycomb (neat wax cells built by bees that stores the honey!).  The beekeeper then needs to remove the pure liquid honey from the honeycomb in a process called extraction

honey comb

There is a range of ways to extract the honey – some with equipment and some by hand.  When you have a substantial amount of honeycomb, a beekeeper may use a piece of equipement called an extractor to help remove the liquid honey from the comb. 

Graf Bees offers opportunities for the community to come watch the magic of honey extraction happen with live demonstrations of pouring honey through the extractors at their shop.  Check out their Facebook page to see when you can come watch the process!  

How to find Graf Bees – The Buzz:

Monday 9 - noon

Tuesday 3:30 - 5 pm

Wednesday 9 - noon

Thursday 3:30 - 7 pm

Friday Closed

Saturday 9 - noon

Sunday Closed


110 N Main St.

Emerson, NE 68733