Leon's Gourmet Grocer

Leon's Gourmet Grocer Lincoln Nebraska

Meet Leon's Gourmet Grocer from Lincoln, Nebraska!

Food is their passion!

In a world where you can buy food at Target, Walmat, Costco or any number of national chain stores, Leon's stands out. It is a true neighborhood grocery store. Owned by long-time employees, and known for providing high quality food to shoppers, Leon's has been a presence in Lincoln since 1933. Located a block North of South Street, between 27th and 33rd and along the Rock Island Bicycle Trail, Leon's is in the perfect central location to pick up a grocery essentials, a cut of meat from their butcher counter, deli food or a bottle of wine.

Come check out the newly remodeled Leon's! In 2020/21 Leon's underwent major renovations to install new equipment, lighting, floors and features. The results? A beautifully designed store, with more products than ever!

Local Matters

At Leon's you can find local cheese, produce, sauces, jams, bison, meat, chicken, eggs and milk that were raised or made in Nebraska. In the summer locally stocked sweet corn flies off the shelf, in the fall apples and cider from local orchards make their debut. Local meat, eggs, milk , and cheese are always available as are locally made breads, coffee and wine. In addition to grocery staples, Leon's also stocks speciality items. In many cases what makes these speciality items 'special' is that they are a small brand, who are less likely to be owned or distributed to larger grocery stores. The next time you go into the store, have fun and browse the aisles...We are sure you'll find something you've never seen before!

The Butcher Block

Leon's is known for it's dazzling meat counter. The butchers at Leon's are professionals, some have worked at the store for decades! They know meat. Beef at the Leon's counter is USDA Choice Grade, meaning the  beef has more marbling which adds flavor. Choice roasts and steaks will be very tender, juicy, and flavorful. Leon's also ages their beef for 21 days- the aging process helps the flavor of the beef develop to peak levels!

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