Daniels Produce

Meet Tannie, Andy, Kelly & Jason Daniels of Daniels Produce!

Columbus, Nebraska

“Quality is of the utmost importance to us and guides every improvement we make on the farm.”

Andy and Tannie Daniels started growing produce in Platte County Nebraska near Columbus in the early 80’s. They began by selling melons and sweet corn at a roadside stand in Columbus, and have steadily grown in the decades since. Andy, Tannie, Children Jason & Kelly, along with an expert crew, currently grow produce on about 600 acres in Platte County, this large amount of land allows them to provide fresh produce to a half dozen farmers markets, roadside stands, a csa program and wholesale produce orders supplying distributors throughout the Midwest region.

Kelly Daniels describes the farm this way:

“We run this farm as a family.  It may be somewhat large compared to some growers but we run it together and are part of every decision and process on the farm.  My dad Andy loves growing things and he loves a challenge. We started raising veggies in 1986 and have grown every year since.”


Through the years Daniels Produce has become well known in Nebraska for its sweet corn, melons, pumpkins, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and cabbage. Daniels Produce also produces canned items like salsa, pickles, sauerkraut, pickled jalapenos and jams.

Daniels Produce CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program offers farm shares /membership and in return members receive a weekly bag of local seasonal fruits, vegetables, meats, jams, jellies, grains, cheeses and eggs. Daniels produce supplies the CSA with nearly all produce and honey, and have partnered with local cheesemakers, egg producers, and other makers to bring you a range of food in one convenient bag. CSA pickup locations are in Schuyler, Central City, Fullerton, Genoa, Fremont, Columbus and on their farm. CSA sign up for 2019 begins February 21st and ends April 30th. To sign up, go to their website and fill out their online (or printed) registration!


Where to Buy Products

Farmers Markets and Roadside Stand Locations!

Omaha: Village Point Farmers Market
168th and Dodge
Saturday | 8am to 1pm

Omaha: Aksarben Farmers Market
67th and Center
Sunday | 9am to 1pm

Omaha: Old Market
11th and Jackson Street
Saturday 8am-12:30pm


Lincoln: Sunday Farmers Market at College View
Sunday | 10am to 2pm

Norfolk: Farmers Market
1700 Market Lane
Saturday 9:30am-12:00pm

Columbus: US 30 Center Mall Parking Lot
3200 32nd Street
Monday through Friday | 9am to 6pm
Saturday & Sunday | 9am to 4pm

Columbus: Ace Hardware Parking Lot
1460 33rd Avenue
Monday through Friday 9am-6pm

Fremont: Auto Zone
601 E 23rd Street
Monday through Saturday | 10am to 5pm


Check out Daniels Produce facebook page for exciting updates!

Phone: 402-897-4253 or 402-649-7818

 Email: kelly@danielsproduce.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/danielsproduce/



Go to their website!