Setting D Ranch

Setting D Ranch Litchfield NE

Meet Clarissa & Dan Feldman of Setting D Ranch in Litchfield, NE!

What Setting D Ranch offers:

  • Angus & Hereford grass-fed, grain finished beef
  • Hampshire/Berkshire pork

"3rd Generation Cattle Ranch proud to bring locally raised Beef and Pork to your home!"

Clarissa and Dan Feldman are passionate about providing quality beef & pork to their customers. It was Dan's grandpa himself that first raised black angus cattle on the land.  What started off as offering carcusses to neighbors & friends has turned into a successful model for the family who now offers both bulk purchasing (half/whole animal) and pre-packaged, frozen cuts, all processed at a USDA-inspected facility.

Rotational Grazing & Sustainability

Setting D Ranch rotationally graze their cattle for most of the year. Rotational grazing systems take larger pastures and divide them into smaller paddocks allowing cattle to be easily moved from one area to the next. Rotational grazing means moving the cattle from pasture to pasture to improve the long-term quality of the forage. 

Continuious grazing is another way to graze cattle that is different than rotational grazing where plants in a pasture receive no or infrequent rest from cattle grazing.  In a continuous grazing system it can be hard to manage the timing and intensity of grazing.  A continually grazed pasture will take longer to recover from a drought.  Rotational grazing is one way to improve the fertility, desirable species in a pasture, and sustainability of pastures.

The Top 3 Reasons to Buy Local Meat

  1. Trust and Transparency!  You don't have to rely on labels to know how your meat is raised. When you buy direct from a Nebraska rancher, you are talking face-to-face with the person responsible for raising, feeding, and selling that product. No middle man!
  2. Regenerate the soil!  Many small and medium scale family farms are able to prioritize sustainability of the land and profit.  Buying local from ranches with sustainable farming practices brings more nutrients back to the soil and ensure healthy land for generations to come!
  3. Boost your local economy!  Local food supply requires less infrastructure and doesn't rely on as many variables to get the food to your plate.  When international trade is disrupted, the most reliable source of food is from your local ranch.

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Where to find Setting D Ranch: