Megan's Market

Megan's Market Gering Nebraska

Meet Megan's Market in Gering, Nebraska!

What Megan's Market offers:

  • Transplants for your garden!
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Nebarska-grown fruits: strawberries, cherries, gooseberries, grapes, and rhubarb
  • Watermelons and melons
  • Chicken eggs

We do the old fashioned way of farming. We do it together."

Megan's Market is a father-daugther family business that started over ten years ago when Tracy and his daugther, Megan, started a garden on their family's farmland. Megan, a fourth generation farmer on the land, is now a school teacher while still working side by side with her father in the business. What started as a way to earn a bit of money for the family has now blossomed into 10 acres of vegetable production. With a pumpkin patch, 5 acres of sweet corn, and all the vegetable staples - Megan's Market provides high quality food for their community. Some of their newest undertakings is getting good at growing strawberries, using plastic mulch to suppress weeds, and growing with a hoop house.

"Best sweet corn anyone has ever had!"

Midwesterners love sweet corn season and once you've tasted Nebraska-grown sweet corn, it's hard to settle for anything less!  Bursting with flavor, the sweet corn at Megan's Market is known as the best.  Sweet corn is something Megan's Market is known for with people purchasing $100 of corn a time to put up for winter and calling weekly to see when the harvest has started.  In addition to sweet corn, Megan's Market also grows some less common vegetables including sweet potaties and kohlrabi.  Stop by their roadside stand for a treat!

Where to find Megan's Market: