Ar-Dot Farmstead Foods

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Meet Ruth & Sidney Ready of Ar-Dot Farmstead Foods near Scribner, NE!

What Ar-Dot Farmstead Foods Offers:

  • An assortment of fresh garden vegetables
  • Chicken eggs
  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Turkey
“We love providing good, wholesome food to you.” 

Small and medium scale ranchers in Nebraska often have an option for consumers to purchase cows and other large livestock (like hogs, goats, or sheep) by the whole, half, or quarter.  This means that instead of individually purchasing cuts of meat from your rancher or local grocery store, you can customize your order and take home more meat at one time.

 Purchasing part of an animal allows smaller ranches that may only manage 10 or fewer animals to make a living.  Consider purchasing direct from a farm this year!

Purchasing a whole or part of an animal


  1. Taste – you’ll get the meat in your hands only weeks after butcher – you can’t compete with that freshness!  Beef at the grocery stores can be years old!
  2. Price – in most cases, purchasing a quarter or half of a cow will save you money.
  3. Convenience – you won’t have to go to the store to purchase meat every time you have guests because your freezer will be full of local beef!
  4. Customized to your needs – when you purchase part of an animal, you get to call in the “cut order” where you tell the butcher exactly how you want your animal slaughtered – what cuts of meat are important to you and how to package.  Example: If you’re a large family, you can package the ground beef in 2 lb packages instead of 1 lb.  You can also specify type of steak and how thick of steak based on your preferences!
  5. Humanity – if animal welfare is important to you – this is the best route to truly know the practices out on the ranch.  You can ask the rancher any questions about their livestock practices including feed, living conditions, use of growth hormones, and pasture management.



  1. You need to pay up-front for the costs to the rancher and the butcher
  2. You need enough freezer space to hold the meat


How to find Ar-Dot Farmstead Foods:  
  • Facebook
  • The farmers market in West Point on select Saturday mornings throughout the season
  • Open to farm visits if you reach out first! (contact details below)
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