Meet Dani and Dylan Spatz of DND Farms near Prague, NE.


What DND Farms offers:  
  • Beef products 
  • Breeding stock cattle  
  • Forage products (hay, straw, alfalfa) 
  • Honey 

“Good food should be affordable and accessible to everyone.” 

For many people today, things such as animal welfare and regenerative farming practices are a Founded in 2012, DND Farms is a young family-owned and operated farm. DND Farms started with only 6 cows and almost no equipment during a horrible drought in Nebraska. Their mission was simple: create products that are superior to grocery store quality while remaining friendly to the pocketbook. They chose Irish Dexter cattle for their beef, docile attitude and smaller size. The Irish Dexter cattle also allowed Dani to manage the herd alone as Dylan’s work often took him away from the farm during calving season, and Dexters are known for being good mothers with easy births. 

Today DND Farms runs a registered herd of Dexters and a Dexter/commercial cross (the upcoming steers will be a Dexter/British White cross). They rotate their herds through various pastures and stalks throughout the summer to keep them out of feedlots for as long as possible, and they are able to butcher three to four times per year. Thanks to the small size of Irish Dexters, the finished products are a smaller, more portion-appropriate size for consumers. Products like their ground beef are single source from one steer, which puts them apart from store bought ground beef that is many cattle ground up. 

Where to find DND Farms:

This article was written in collaboration with Buy Fresh Buy Local staff and UNL Student Frances Snow.