Sky Chief Springs

Meet Sara Brubacher with Sky Chief Springs of Cambridge, NE! 

“Connecting people to the land and plants 


What Sky Chief Springs offers: 
  • Fresh produce 
  • Herbs 
  • Dried Tea 
  • Herbal Medicine 
  • Educational Classes 


“Creating a space for community members to grow relationships with nutritious, healthy, and natural heritage foods.” 

Building bonds to promote, inspire, and educate people about the importance of herbs and nutritious produce is what Sara Brubacher is all about. Brubacher saw a need and acted upon it. Two years ago, Sara and her family purchased the Sky Chief Springs property. Their hope was to honor the indigenous heritage of the Pawnee Tribe that camped on this site during their annual buffalo hunt. Through the years, Brubacher has spent countless hours cultivating and harvesting herbs, produce and native plants. It wasn’t until 2023 when she took the leap in creating Sky Chief Springs Farm. 

Looking at the vibrant photos of her crops, it's easy to see that her produce is packed full of nutrients and goodness. It's not the variety of crop that makes her produce packed with flavor, but her drive and determination. Soil health and pesticide-free food is a prime focus for Brubacher. While growing her crops and company, maintaining soil health, promoting beneficial insects, the utilization of a variety of crop varieties has allowed her to produce nutrient-packed herbs and produce that everyone can benefit from. Brubacher is a trained clinical herbalist and is in the process of starting an herbal clinic and offering community education opportunities geared towards herbal medicine and the benefits of locally grown food. 


“How your food is grown is very important and impacts the nutritional content and value to yourself on all levels” 


Where to find Sky Chief Springs: 

This article was written in collaboration with Buy Fresh Buy Local staff and UNL Student Cy Brun.