Twin Springs Pecans

Twin Springs Pecans Bennet Nebraska

Meet Charlie Willnerd from Twin Springs Pecans!

Twin Springs Pecans is a family run pecan orchard just outside of Lincoln Nebraska near the Southeastern village of Bennet.

Twin Springs Pecans is a gem of towering trees amongst fields of mostly corn and soy. At their farms, the Willnerds are growing a crop that takes a tree around 8 to 10 years to produce, and that is chocked full of healthy fats, key minerals, and essential vitamins. Thousands of  Northern Pecans are  lined up in orderly groves, producing nuts near the Southeastern Nebraska hamlets of Bennet and Firth. The Willnerds started Twin Springs in 2006, taking over the management of a mature pecan grove that had been planted and cared for by their neighbors and friends Stan and Dorothy Matzke.  They added to their dream by planting more Northern Pecans knowing that the trees would not produce a harvestable crop until nearly ten years after planting.

They once considered selling the nuts commercially in their shells, but being one of the most northern commercial pecan orchard, selling commercially to nut wholesaler wasn't possible. These northern nut growers decided to do the cracking , shelling and selling themselves. The Willnerd's have been at it now for over 10 years and have built up a loyal following of nut lovers! The Northern Pecans they grow are slightly smaller than their southern  cousin, but have a higher oil content (this is a good-for-you-oil!) and an amazing buttery, sweet meat.

Because the nuts are processed on-farm, they are extremely fresh and flavorful.  From Chocolatiers to bakers and home cooks to head chefs, Twin Springs Pecans has many fans. You will taste the difference and be blown away by the quality.

Twin Springs offers:

  • Farm fresh Pecans! Halved, shelled, or pieces
  •  Candied Pecans
  • Pecan shell mulch & pecan wood
Nuts in Nebraska?

There are nuts all around us here in Nebraska! Pecans, Shagbark hickory, Black walnut, American hazelnut, Chinese chesnut and Oaks can  be found in the woodlands, river systems, and farmlands of Nebraska. Their nuts have been an important source of food and medicine for indigenous people and settlers, as well as wild creatures. 

Autumn is the perfect time to go for a walk in the woods, looking for dropped nuts. This pleasant, and delicious past-time is called 'nutting,' and there's 'nutting' better than exploring a woodland  while noticing the beauty of the trees that surround you.

If you're looking to purchase local nuts for your next spinach-pecan-apple salad, or black-walnut fudge, check out the nut growers of Nebraska!

There is a group of  passionate nut growers who are supplying our state with healthy, nutritious pecans, walnuts and hazelnuts. Check them out at :




Where you can find Twin Springs products:

  • Their Online Store
  • Order wholesale from Lone Tree Foods
  • Leon's (LNK), Open Harvest(LNK), &  “A” Street Market (LNK) 
  • Look for them seasonally at the Haymarket Farmers' Market, Sunday Market at College View, Omaha Farmers' Market (Aksarben & Old Market)
  • Check them out during the Holiday Harvest Farmers' Markets in Lincoln