Barada Hills Trading Co., LLC

Meet Blake and Aly Yount, the owners of Barada Hills Trading Company, LLC in Shubert, NE.    

What Barada Hills Trading Company offers:  
  • Angus Beef – individual retail cuts or shares of beef (quarter, half, or whole) periodically throughout the year
  • Pork from a neighboring farm
  • Local Honey
  • Cut flowers from a neighboring farm
  • Local coffee

 “There’s something special about buying from a local producer.” 

Blake and Aly Yount of Barada Hills have always had a passion for agriculture and taking over the family farm. With Blake growing up as the fourth generation on his family’s farm, he and Aly were looking for a way to provide more to the farm. So they founded Barada Hills Trading Company, LLC as a way to get into a niche market and provide beef to local families.  

Using Angus-Hereford genetics the cows are born and raised on the Yount family farm, spending the first 11-12 months of their lives in the pastures eating grass. Then they are placed on a high-quality forage and grain ration diet for about five months. Afterward, they are taken to the local USDA inspected locker for processing.  

Key factors that they look for in their meat is flavor, marbling and tenderness. Different ways that they ensure these qualities is low stress handling and keeping the animals in a super calm environment all their lives, as well as keeping track of their rations and everything that they eat to make sure it is the best quality that it can be.    

Where to find Barada Hills Trading Company:

This article was written in collaboration with Buy Fresh Buy Local staff and Ashtyn Humphreys.