Unconventional - Lina Dvorak

Unconventional - Lina Dvorak (Lincoln, Nebraska)

This is an organism,
And a farm.
Though not the kind you first imagine,

The organism,
A sort of,
Test tube baby,
An embryo in vitro,
growing outside its natural environment.

A sort of,
An insubstantial entity,
Growing in the womb of mother nature.

This organism,
Barely more than a seed,
Grows like every other plant.

The farm,
a sustainable system,
A soilless environment.

The farm,
with cycling water,
set on a timer,

The farm,
LED grow lights encircling it,
casting their magenta glow.

Futuristic it seems,
This skyscraper,
This hydroponic tower,
In which the organism grows.
Shiny, scientific,
This unconventional farm,
modeling the ways of nature.