Getting the Dirt on Farmers - Tobi Scofield

Getting the Dirt on Farmers - Tobi Scofield (Lincoln, Nebraska)

Never been a farmer

City girl, I guess

So when I stand under the awning

At our CSA drop-off

I get the dirt on local farmers

I hear it in the chit-chat concerning

hungry grasshoppers and threatening weather

In the heat of the day, it appears in beads of sweat

settling on each farmer’s furrowed brow

emitting an earthy scent into the faint breeze

It shows up in the fresh veggies, germinated

in acres of managed organic soil

and placed carefully in my bag

At home, I see it tucked

between the leaves of lettuce, like a hidden note

Black, inky dirt

uncovered and discovered

A sneaky disclosure of dirty truth

A mighty reminder to appreciate

the dirt on farmers