My Nebraska Garden - Carole Forsman

My Nebraska Garden - Carole Forsman (Omaha, Nebraska)

My garden began years and years ago.

Or so I am told.

Grown with care and loving hands,

this is how my garden began.

Corn, lettuce, tomatoes and other seeds

were planted by my family.

With each passing generation

my family planted roots

along with crops of various kinds.

Making a life in Nebraska

that now spans seven generations

along with one Native American line.

From small farms in Ulysses, Seward,

Talmage and Alliance, Nebraska to

numerous home gardens

my family grew and grew.

Not just produce, fruits and herbs

but generations of Nebraskans too.

Some had livestock and other animals,

but all grew tomatoes and other such crops.

Each family member learned well what it meant

when you have to pray for the rain,

Just the right amount so when harvest time came

one had a good bounty to last many a days.

We still have our family gardeners still

planting fruit trees, herbs, and,

of course, their tomatoes and other

such traditional crops, like corn,

lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, peas,

watermelons, and foods that can be canned.

My Nebraskan Garden is more than plants.

It’s a tapestry of my Nebraskan family history

that started years and years ago.

Started with a small, little Nebraskan family farm

to generations of Nebraskan farmers and gardeners,

tied not just to land but in heart and soul as well.