Sustainable Ag Resources

Sustainable Ag Resources

Lakehouse farm

This webpage is part of a project funded through a SARE Youth Educator Grant.

Buy Fresh Buy Local Nebraska (BFBLN) is dedicated to sharing the benefits of local foods and sustainable farming   In 2017, we were able to expand our outreach through a SARE Youth Educator Grant.

Farm Tour Bus

Bring Sustainble Ag to Your Students!

Student Testimonials

Farm Tours

How food gets on our plates is important!  Organize a tour of a local farm and let students see firsthand how farming works.  Don't know a farmer?

We can help you connect with a farm in your area - just reach out to BFBLN program coordinator, Skylar Falter at

Other Resources:

Pigs in field.

Special Activity for Culinary Arts Teachers!

"Taste the Season" with your students!  Interested in bringing local foods to the classroom kitchen?  Apply to receive funding to purchase foods at your local farmers' market to provide hands-on experience with fresh, quality local ingredients.  Applications coming soon!  

See how a teacher in Lincoln used local foods in her culinary arts classroom here.

Powerpoint Presentation & Classroom Resources

  • Sustainable Agriculture Powerpoint Presentation - coming soon!
  • Producer Videos to share in class
  • Sustainable Agriculture Examples Webpage


More Sustainable Ag Resources - Go Deeper!