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Meet No More Empty Pots from Omaha, Nebraska!

 “We fight poverty with local foods, training, jobs, entrepreneurship.”

No More Empty Pots is a dynamic non-profit that strives to improve self-sufficiency, regional food security and economic resilience through advocacy and action. NMEP fulfills their mission and vision by collaborating with organizations, farms, individuals and entrepreneurs to bring their community programs like their Culinary Workforce Training Program, the Cups Café, and the Food Entrepreneur Program.

Pay what you can Happy Hour at the Cups Café in Florence

For food entrepreneurs finding a commercial kitchen to prepare their goods is often a barrier. Commercial kitchens are regulated and often need to include aspects that home kitchens do not have. Equipment is also a barrier – stand mixers, ovens, refrigeration and space all have high price tags. NMEP saw the need for collaborative commercial kitchen space and have created a commercial kitchen rental program at the NMEP Food Hub. Food entrepreneurs apply, tour the kitchen, complete paperwork and orientation, and are then eligible to use the NMEP commercial kitchen. Find out more here : How to Get Started with Kitchen Rentals Infographic

“Healthy Food, Healthy Heart, Healthy Life”

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  • No More Empty Pots Food Hub in the Florence Neighborhood of Omaha, NE!

8501 North 30th Street, Omaha, NE 68112
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