Milkweed Kitchen

Milkweed Kitchen Lincoln NE

Meet Maggie Pleskac of Milkweed Kitchen in Lincoln, Nebraska!

Milkweed Kitchen gives a taste of home by using local, native, and organic ingredients to prepare vegetarian and vegan dishes for all to enjoy!

What Milkweed Kitchen Offers:
  • Vegetarian & vegan catering services
  • Pop-up events
  • Golden Spice Tea, Sweet Matcha, and Ginger Hibiscus Elixir drinks
  • One Pot Meals including Kitchari and Shiitake Barley Soup!
  • A beautiful Event space for renting
  • Yoga and Ayurvedic nutrition counseling 

Food made with L.O.V.E  Local. Organic. Vegetarian. Ethical.  

Maggie Pleskac has been nourishing the Lincoln community for many decades.  You may remember her delicious and popular downtown eatery, Maggie’s Cafe, that served vegetarian & vegan meals for 17 years.  Her current culinary creativity takes place at Milkweed Kitchen, located in the Historic Havelock neighborhood in the same place where Back Alley Bakery used to make delicious loaves of homemade bread! 

Milkweed Kitchen supports Nebraska farmers by sourcing local and crafting food and drink inspired from the seasons of Nebraska – creations such as muffins made with local elderberry, focaccia bread featuring fresh rosemary, and brownies made with spicy chocolate habanero peppers. What the land gives, Maggie finds a way to make into something tasty and memorable.

In addition to making good food, Maggie also offers daily yoga classes in the studio above the kitchen and aromatherapy products such as insect repellent and hand sanitizer.

Where to find Milkweed Kitchen: