Gare Bear Honey

Meet Gary Kimminau of Gare Bear Honey in Lincoln, NE.


What Gare Bear Honey offers:  
  • Honey 
  • Lib balm  
  • Candles 
  • Lotions 
  • Soaps 
  • Bath bombs 
  • Wood wax 
  • Cast iron seasoning 
  • Wood Wax 
  • Sauces & Condiments 

Gare Bear Honey, as Sweet as Can Bee

Five years ago, the honeybee business inspired Gary Kimminau when a dear friend gifted him with a quart of honey. He did further research to understand bee production and honey harvest. Kimminau, alongside the support of his friends and family, ventured off into the honeybee business. His childhood was spent growing up on the farm, so starting Gare Bear Honey was a great way of getting back to his agricultural roots. Gare Bear Honey includes just over a dozen hives, and the honey products are sold at local farmers’ markets or through online purchases. 

Gary’s honey business takes pride in their hardworking honeybees, helping to make sure they complete their goals. The process of learning about beekeeping opened Gary’s eyes to the symbiotic relationship with nature.  

Gare Bear Honey proudly offers excellent local honey, natural soaps and other personal care products, as well as learning opportunities for crafters and bee enthusiasts.  In return, Gare Bear Honey is paying back to nature by supporting and educating others about the importance of pollinator habitats.  

“Bees are one of the most important insects on the planet, and they deserve our support in every way.” 

Where to find Gare Bear Honey:

This article was written in collaboration with Buy Fresh Buy Local staff and UNL Student Jessie Lamp.