Refrigerator Garlic Dills

Refrigerator Garlic Dills
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Author: The Hoagland Homestead

Growing up a sweet lady at our church brought her garlic dill pickles every potluck and I always looked forward to them.I make them every year, I do small spears and large slices.The large slices are an amazing addition to grilled hamburgers.We make by the half gallons.


  • 10-12 small cucumbers, like Miss Picklers, whole or sliced lengthwise or several large cucumbers sliced, we like them thick.
  • 2 sprigs of Dill per each quart jar
  • clove of garlic, peeled
  • 1 cup canning salt
  • 3 cups vinegar
  • 11 cups water


  1. Place a head of dill in each quart jar
  2. Pack with cucumbers
  3. Place the other head of dill and 1 clove of garlic on top
  4. Boil the salt, vinegar and water
  5. Fill jar with boiling liquid
  6. Put lids and rings on and let cool
  7. Place in refrigerator, let set two weeks before tasting.They keep well in the refrigerator
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