Prairie Plate Restaurant & Lakehouse Farm

Prairie Plate Restaurant Waverly Nebraska

Meet Jerry & Renee Cornett of Prairie Plate Restaurant & Lakehouse Farm!

Farm to table restaurant ON THE FARM!  Unwind with an evening meal at Prairie Plate Restaurant where you can gaze at the scenic rural lakefront setting while enjoying a taste of the good life.  Prairie Plate offers a seasonal menu made with ingredients grown at their own farm, Lakehouse Farm, and other regional producers.

Check Prairie Plate's website for information on hours and how to get their food!
For reservations: email or call  402-786-2239

Prairie Plate Restaurant is Nebraska's premier farm-to-table restaurant.  Chef Renee Cornett and farm manager, Jerry Cornett, serve the best Nebraska has to offer with a diversity of local ingredients from farmstead cheeses and seasonal vegetables to pastured beef and pork.  

"Over eighty-five percent of the produce we serve comes from our co-located certified organic farm and more than ninety percent of our food expenditures go to local producers. We select seed varieties for flavor and prepare dishes with a respect for those ingredients. As a produce farm, vegetables are always front and center. The restaurant moves through the seasons with the farm and local producers and we highlight the incredible flavors of ingredients grown with care. Our farm and kitchen are designed to maximize the flavor of each ingredient."

Not to mention that the restaurant sits by a beautiful lake, which glistens during the sunset as you enjoy your meal.  Located just 15 minutes from downtown Lincoln, Prairie Plate Restaurant is perfect for a special meal with your family and friends.  The restaurant is open seasonally and for special events. Check their website for information on hours and services.  The on-site farm, Lakehouse Farm, is known for growing three types of beets (red, gold, and candy-striped) as well as a variety of flavorful tomatoes (look for the tomato flight to sample all the varieties on the menu during the summer!).  Some of our favorite Lakehouse farm tomato varieties include brandywine and red pear. 

Plate of various tomatoes

Prairie Plate is showcased in the Truth, Love, and Clean Cutlery guidebook, which features inspirational restaurants across the United States.

The menu changes every week depending what is in season, which guarantees great choices each time you visit.  Here are some menu favorites: 

Crostini with Chevre Cheese and Roasted Tomato

Lentil Stuffed Sheepnose Peppers

Shiitake Stroganoff

Sunflower Steelhead Trout

Pastured Pork Chop with Rhubarb Sauce

Dutch Apple Pie

Prairie Plate Restaurant & Lakehouse Farm offers:

  • A seasonal menu made with local meats, cheeses, grains, and produce. Vegetarian & Gluten Free options available, please call ahead.
  • Catering
  • Private events
  • Certified organic vegetables

Where you can find Prairie Plate Restaurant & Lakehouse Farm:

  • Dine at their restaurant in the country - map here.  Check website for hours!
  • Catering is available.  Prairie Plate caters at an array of events in the state from Glacial Till Winery Sunday meals, Grain Place Foods Field Day, and more.  Keep up to date by following them on Facebook!