Honey Fermented Garlic Cloves

Honey Fermented Garlic Cloves
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Author: Sue Fase, TLC Country Floral

We ferment a lot of things in raw honey and this is a favorite. This ferment helps to lessen the effect of colds and viruses...even keeping them at bay! Take a spoonful of garlic honey at the first sign of illness to relieve your symptoms. Cloves can be consumed whole or minced. Add them to salads or eat with a cracker. 


  • Garlic
  • Honey


  1. Peel the skins and trim the ends of individual cloves of garlic.
  2. Place cloves in a jar leaving plenty of headspace. This ferment can get quite bubbly!
  3. Slowly pour honey over garlic cloves. We prefer locally sourced raw honey which is readily available at our local farmer's market. Raw honey is also available in the health market of many grocery stores. No weights are necessary to submerge the garlic clo
  4. Swirl or stir the cloves into the honey on a daily basis to insure the cloves are coated. After a period of time the cloves will begin to darken and sink. Some cloves may turn a green or blue color which is a normal chemical reaction.
  5. Garlic will be fully fermented in about a month.

Fermentation activity is dependent on the percent of moisture in this ferment. If you notice your jar is void of any bubbling activity add a teaspoon or two of water to the ferment to give it a boost.

If your honey has crystallized, pour it over the cloves a little at a time. After a period of a few days the moisture in the garlic cloves will liquefy it.

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