Grow with the Flow Aquaponic Horticulture

Grow with the Flow

Meet Jeff Jirovec and Heather Husen of Grow with the Flow!

Denton, Nebraska

“From farm to table, we are committed to our community."

As Nebraska's only aquaponic nursery, Grow with the Flow is a great example of the innovation and diversity in agriculture.  Using fish as a source of fertility, Grow with the Flow grows plants and flowers using a small amount of space and water.  The owners, Jeff and Heather see their job as "managing an ecosystem," to ensure plants and fish thrive.  

Grow with the Flow Offers:

  • Cut flowers
  • Flowers & floral design for weddings and events
  • Dried flower art
  • Vegetables & herbs

Aquaponics is the cultivation of fish and plants together in a symbiotic environment.  Aquaponics uses the nutrient-rich water (made by fish manure) to feed the plants.  Aquaponic systems recycle water and uses only a fraction of the irrigation water found in traditional vegetable production.

aquaponic cycle

 The fish in their system?  Goldfish!  But tilapia, perch, or catfish can all be raised in an aquaponic system and harvested for consumption.  For Jeff, their fish are synonymous to livestock, they provide the vital nutrients to keep their plants alive.  They do not use any synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides because they simply can't.  Those chemicals would kill the fish.  Want to raise fish and plants in you backyard?  You can!  There are many online suppliers of home-scale aquaponic systems. 


"Grown not flown."

Flowers are often grown thousands of miles from where they are sold.  A single bouquet from a traditional florist may rack up as many as 40,000 miles.  When you take into account what it takes to get that picture perfect flower from an international market - the fuel emissions, transportation damage, transportation costs - fresh flowers are simply better!  And if you've ever been at the Sunday Farmers' Market or downtown Haymarket in Lincoln, you know that Grow with the Flow grows some of the most beautiful flowers. They sell their fresh flowers wholesale, to individuals, and can create arrangements for weddings.   

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 Grow with the FLow at Farmers Market

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