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Yum Yum Greens Lincoln Nebraska

Meet Yum Yum Greens from Lincoln, Nebraska!

What Yum Yum Greens offers:

"It makes me so happy to see people enjoy eating our veggies."

In a building in Lincoln Nebraska thousands of seeds are growing into a nutrient dense super food called microgreens. Yum Yum Greens grows microgreens of all types - broccoli, arugula, kale, pea shoots, even basil and dill under specialized grow lights. Microgreens are plants harvested at a very early stage, usually around 3 weeks after planting. That is a very quick turnaroud compared to the 50-100 days needed for other veggies to grow to a harvestable size. The tiny greens are packed with nutrition, the small leaves of a growing plant house higher concentrations of vitamins like A,C and E.

"Delicious Microgreens to satisfy your yum yum monster!"

Yum Yum Greens brings Lincoln eaters and chefs micros year round through online sales and delivery, wholesale orders and farmers markets. Microgreens can be enjoyed in a variety of ways - use as a salad ingredient, a part of your a.m. smoothie or to top tacos, burgers or sandwiches. Find more microgreen recipes in Buy Fresh Buy Local Nebraska's Recipe Box!

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