Wolff Farms

Wolff Farms Norfolk Nebraska

Meet Duane & Jay from Wolff Farms!

“It’s important to know what you’re eating. And it’s even more important to know what you aren’t eating.  All our products are pesticide-free.”

Wolff Farms, owned by Darlene and Duane Wolff, is a true family farm located just four miles southeast of Norfolk, Nebraska.  Duane Wolff has been farming his entire life and the farm now supports multiple generations as two of his children take active roles on the farm.  Wolff Farms is a diversified farm, raising both vegetables and livestock on the land.  Duane and his family sells organic vegetables, pasture raised chicken and beef, and chicken eggs.

During the flooding of 2018, part of Duane’s fields and pastures went under water.  Fortunately, their vegetable field lay on higher ground and stayed free of water.  Wolff Farms sells at multiple farmers’ markets like the Sunday Farmers’ Market and Bennet Farmers’ Market.  You can also get their products through their Fresh Finds weekly vegetable box!  Learn more and sign up for fresh veggies at Fresh Finds page on their website.

"Buying from Wolff Farms not only gives you peace of mind knowing your food is safe, it is also keeping that money right here in Nebraska.”

Wolff Farms produce is 100% chemical-free.  They do not use pesticides to control insects on their farm to ensure their vegetables are safe for consumers and are free of any chemical residue.  Wolff Farms has been farming with organic practices since 2009 and became certified organic in 2015.  “Promote life, don’t destroy it” is one of their mottos.  A large part of the farm has been put into wildlife habitat to promote and sustain life in and around the farm. 

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