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Meet Travis Dunekacke of TD Niche Pork!

Happy pigs taste better!

Travis Dunekacke of TD Niche Pork is passionate about getting good, local pork on your plate! For the past 10 years he has been  supplying restaurants and individuals in Nebraska with high       quality pork. His pig herd is raised outdoors, without antibiotics at the TD Niche headquarters on a farm near Elk Creek Nebraska. Travis believes that good quality pork begins with the right genetics.

Travis started raising Red Wattle and Red Wattle hybrids, but his current pig herd is mostly  Berkshire and Berkshire-Mangalitsa crosses. The result of those crosses is a well-conditioned, docile, hardy, faster-growing pig with the type of musculature and fat that customers were looking for.

Berkshire Mostly black pig with white legs and snout. Originating in Southeast England this breed is know for it's high quality meat – being juicy, tender, pink, and heavily marbled. The pigs are known for their hardiness and even temper.

Mangalitsa The 'wooly pig'. This breed originates from Hungary and is covered is a beautiful fleece of curly hair. It's name means 'hog with a lot of lard' and it is true – the Mangalitsa is breed of pig that traditionally was used for it's lard, back when we all ate much more lard!

Contact Travis to purchase his pork directly from him – no middleman, just a man, his pigs and you! You will be happy with your pork and you'll taste just how good local food can be!

Pork and place...

Domestic  pigs (Sus domesticus ) and humans have a long history that has spanned the globe – archeological evidence estimates domestication occurred around 8,000 years ago. During our thousands of years together, humans have selected for certain traits mostly revolving around taste, management, health and environment.  From this long history many breeds have emerged. These breeds are all unique, and were created from a specific context. For instance the Tamworth breedis known for being a natural rooter (with a long snout!), well adapted to the outdoors and foraging, and able to thrive in a variety of climates.  Other breeds might be prized for their fat content, their ability to successfully raise a litter of piglets, or how fast they grow.

TD Niche Pork offers:

  • Farm fresh pork sold directly from the farmer
  • Direct sales to individuals and restaurants

Where you can find TD Niche Pork: