Strip Grazing

Strip Grazing Image

Photo Courtesy of Little Mountain Ranch & Garden

Grass-fed and grass finished cows rotational grazing using a method called strip-grazing.

"We use rotational grazing and more specifically strip-grazing, using a single strand of electric fence we focus our cows to a specific area and move them every single day. The benefits to this approach include more uniform grazing (the cows eat most if not all plants in each grazing cell, rather than eating just what they like), more uniform manure distribution, helps disrupt the parasite cycle, and provides the cows with high quality forage each day. The purpose of all this is to help rebuild the soil in our pastures, which then increases the water retention potential of the pastures, and also increases the overall forage base of our small pastures. We try to give 30 days rest between each area we graze, but we also try to be as adaptive as possible, paying close attention to what the grass is telling us and adjusting our grazing time/size etc to the current conditions."

- Bill Alward of Little Mountain Ranch & Garden, Fort Calhoun NE