Stream Meadow Farms

Stream Meadows Farm Papillion Nebraska

Meet Stream Meadow Farms from Papillion, Nebraska!

What Stream Meadow Farms offers:

  • Certified Organic Vegetables - Specializing in Tomatoes!
  • Honey

"Stream Meadow Farms - always Delicious, Organic, and Clean - combining healthy soil, sunlight, water, and air flow to produce organic tomatoes boasting flavor, texture and color."

Stream Meadow Farms is a diverse small-scale farm in Papillion, Nebraska. Their specialty is tomatoes, producing beautiful, colorful and delicious tomatoes in a range of sizes and colors. Stream Meadow grows many varieties of certified organic tomatoes and produce along with honey from the hives they tend.

The tomato plants start producing around July and that is when you start finding every shade, every shape and every flavor hitting the markets, restaurants and your plates.

A few of Stream Meadow Farms favorite tomatoes to grow include:

margold tomatoesMargold Tomatoes

  • Soft flesh
  • Sweet flavor
  • Less acidic

Cherokee Purple tomatoCherokee Purple

Where to find Stream Meadow Farms: