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Meet Nicole & Paul Saville of Spiritus Vitae Botanicals!

Spiritus Vitae:  /spir-it-us vee-tay/  n. Latin for 'spirit of life'

We are not just farmers, we are stewards of Mother Earth. As such we strive to give back more than we take while seeking to find balance both in the field and in our lives."    

Spiritus Vitae Botanicals offers:
  • High-quality fresh and dried medicinal herbs
  • Medicinal plant starts for your home garden like elderberry, horehound, white sage, skullcap, lemon balm, & more!
  • Specialty products including herbal syrups, hand-blended teas, vinegars, and body care products
  • BFBL staff favorites:
    • Elderberry Syrup for colds, ice cream, and pancakes
    • Immune Support Tea (great hot or cold!)
Medicinal Herb Farm in Rural Nebraska

Boneset, elderberry, holy basil, chamomile, linden, oh my! Did you know we can grow a variety of medicinal plants here in Nebraska? Whether medicinal herbs are used to ease a headache, boost immunity, or combat allergy symptoms, they can impact our lives in a profound way.  Medicinal plants not only benefit our health, but also the land and ecosystem. Many medicinal plants come back year after year (perennial plants) and bloom with beautiful flowers that the pollinators enjoy!  Are exploring new plants for your garden or just want a new favorite tea?  Spiritus Vitae Botanicals can help!

Growing over 30 types of medicinal herbs at their farm near Martell Nebraska, co-owners Nicole and Paul Saville sell at farmers' markets, out of their production kitchen on 27th and O Street in Lincoln, and online. Spiritus Vitae offers a lovely selection of plant starts for the garden, fresh & dried herbs, and specialty herbal products. 

With a degree in Herbal Medicine from Bastyr University in Washington, Nicole comes to the space of farming with knowledge and heart.  The Saville's care about protecting the diversity of medicinal herbs and hopes to one day have their farm designated as a Botanical Sanctuary to protect medicinal plants at risk of becoming endangered. One particular passion on the farm is conservation and regeneration of the land.  The farm integrates a variety of sustainable practices to improve soil health, conserve water, and increase biodiversity on the land.  Practices include:

  • Tending to a flock of chickens to help eat plant pests and add a natural source of fertilizer on the land
  • Planting fields with cover crops to control weeds and sequester carbon from the atmosphere into the soil
  • Rotating crops to maintain soil health
  • Planting several native species in an area to increase biodiversity and support beneficial pollinators
The Perfect Gift

Looking for a gift for a birthday or special holiday?  Spiritus Vitae offers online shipping and home delivery. There is a gift for almost anyway!  A friend that loves tea?  Nicole crafts a variety of different blended teas using ingredients grown on her farm from allergy and immune supporting teas to calming teas after a long day at work. A family member that is unfamiliar with the benefits of medicinal herbs?  How about an herbal syrup or vinegar that can be used with pancakes, ice cream, or cocktails?  Our favorite is their Elderberry syrup.  Did I mention you can order online and get it shipped anywhere in the U.S.?

Where you can find Spiritus Vitae Botanicals:
  • Lincoln-Area:
  • Omaha-Area
    • Anatomy & Alchemy - Westroads Mall
  • And Beyond!
  • Wildflour Grocer - O'Neill, NE
  • Vintage Hills Gifts & Decor - Cozad, NE
  • Shop online  
  • Farmers' Markets in Lincoln, Omaha, & Des Moines - schedule here
  • Check out on Instagram and Facebook @spiritusvitaebotanicals

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