Rock Creek Aquaculture

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Meet the Pretzer Family from Rock Creek Aquaculture in Diller Nebraska!

Nebraska may be far from the coast, but that doesn't mean you can't find FRESH, farm-raised shrimp!  Raising shrimp in an old hog barn just 60 miles southwest of Lincoln, Rock Creek Aquaculture provides a high quality, rarely locally-grown product to the heartland. 

Scott and Holli Pretzer and their two children, son Reid, a freshman at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and daughter Skylar, a high school freshman, started Rock Creek Aquaculture in March of 2017.  It took 9 months for the Pretzer family to convert the old hog gestation barn that is on the farm where they grow corn and soybeans into an aquaculture operation, but in March of 2017 the shrimp came!

Why shrimp?  Thinking into the future, Scott started wondering, is there going to be something for the next generation on the farm if they want to come back?  He knew raising hogs wasn't the way to get them interested.  After visiting a shrimp farm in Indiana, the Pretzers agreed that raising shrimp was a good fit - they had an unused building, the product was exceptional, and the shrimp could be raised in an environmentally-friendly fashion.

Now the entire family helps out with Rock Creek Aquaculture.  The operation has eight 14-foot vinyl tanks (think size of a backyard swimming pool) in an indoor, climate controlled facility.  Each tank can raise about 3,500 shrimp, but you have to have the right conditions in the water, including salt levels and microorganisms! 

In the beginning, the Pretzer's added 400 lbs of salt to each tank. "Good" microbes and bacteria are also crucial to the success of the operation - microbes and bacteria are needed to control nitrogen levels.  Rock Creek shrimp are raised without chemicals, hormones, or antibiotics.  The water in the tanks is recycled and waste is not discharged into the environment.

Learn more about the operation in the Tri-State Livestock News (yes, raising shrimp is considered raising livestock - how cool!).

The Pacific White shrimp grown at Rock Creek is sweeter and milder in flavor than what you find in the grocery store.  High quality shrimp can be hard to find in the land-locked heartland.  But not anymore with Rock Creek Shrimp!

Rock Creek Aquaculture offers:

  • Antibiotic-free, fresh, Pacific White Shrimp

Where to find Rock Creek Aquaculture:

  • With 24 hour notice, you can have farm fresh shrimp!  Available 7 days a week- just call ahead (402-793-5553) to arrange a pick-up time.
  • Tour the farm!  30 minute Farm tours are offered on Sundays betwee 1pm and 3pm for $5 a person.
  • Available at  C&C Specialty Market in Beatrice every 3rd weekend 
  • Learn more on their website at