Prairieview Farm Lincoln Nebraska

Meet Bonnie Henshaw of Prairieview!

Bonnie Henshaw's farm, Prairieview, is a must-visit booth at the Lincoln-area farmers' markets.  At the stand you'll not only find vegetables, but an overflowing assortment of jams and jellies.  Bonnie grows most of the fruit used in her jams and jellies including elderberries, wild plums, currants, gooseberries, mullberries, peaches, apples, pears, apricots, chokecherries, and rhubarb. 

Never tried chokecherry jam?  You're missing out!  Jams and jellies are a great way to preserve the seasonal fruits of Nebraska that can be quite abundant in the peak of the season.  Bonnie's favorite flavor is peach ginger marmalade, made in July and August at the peak of peach harvest.  Using seasonal fruit in her jams and jellies ensures the best flavor.

Prairieview offers:

  • Seasonal vegetables
  • Dehydrated herbs
  • Honey
  • An immense variety of jams and jellies from elderberry and wild plum jelly to hot pepper jam!
  • Baked goods - their kolaches are famous!

Read about Prairieview in this Lincoln Journal Star Article.

What's the difference between a Jam and a Jelly anyway?

  • Jelly is made from homogenous fruit juice and sugar.
  • Jam is made from crushed or chopped fruits and sugar


Where to find Prairieview: