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Pawnee Pride Meats Steinauer Nebraska

Meet Pawnee Pride Meats from Steinauer, Nebraska!

 “Our management system continues to build healthy land, produce clean water, and abundant tallgrass prairie birds and mammals.”

For more than 30 years the Rohrbaugh Family (Paul, Cyndie, Hans, Chris and Karl) have shared their passion for raising healthy animals on healthy land to the people of Southeastern Nebraska. Grassfed beef, pastured pork, and pasture raised poultry are all incorporated into the management of the Steinauer, NE family farm. Each animal has a role to play in the health of the grasslands that make up the Rohrbaugh’s farm – every species of animals moves in certain ways, seek out and eat certain plants, and deposit unique fertilizer to the land. The result of a natural, diverse, grass-diet is meat that has high levels essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, all important components of human health.

 “Grass finishing of beef has become an art that embraces technical knowledge, healthy pastures, grass-based animal genetics, clean water, and years of experience.”

Pawnee Pride has a loyal following of buyers who are fans of the flavor & nutrition of the meat, the high level of customer service the Rohrbaugh’s provide and their focus on sustainability. Pawnee Pride sends its availability to folks who sign up to be on their email list (sign up here). Meat is ordered over email -, and Pawnee Pride then delivers to a central location in Omaha and Lincoln twice a month. People pick up their individual orders during a certain time. Drop them a line and get on the list – you will be glad you did!

 “Proudly serving Southeast Nebraska for over 25 years”

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