Miller Omega 3 Beef

Meet Russ and Tara Miller of Miller Omega 3 Beef!

Miller Omega 3 Beef is a family farm in Phillips NE that specializes in beef that is fed flaxseed extract to increase omega 3 fatty acids in the meat.

“I've been around cattle since I was a kid. So feeding out cattle was second nature to me. Five years ago, we we're wanting to find a healthier way to eat beef and came across Omega-3 research. We loved the benefits of feeding our cattle flaxseed, not only was it beneficial for our cattle but it was a lot healthier for our family.” Russ Miller, owner of Miller Omega 3 Beef

Miller Omega 3 Beef offers:

  • Farm raised, omega 3 rich beef cuts

Where you can find Miller Omega 3 Beef products: