Heritage Acres

Heritage Acres Stratton Nebraska

Meet Chris & Paula Sandberg of Heritage Acres in Stratton, NE!

What Heritage Acres offers:

  • Grass fed, grain finished beef
  • Pasture-raised chicken
  • Pasture-raised pork
  • Pasture-raised chicken egggs
"Here at Heritage Acres, we believe in working with our customers to build the health of our land+families+community together."

Heritage Acres raises chickens, pork, and cattle on their ranch - all in the open skies of  southwest Nebraska.  Raising animals is hard work - demanding patience, flexiblity, and time. Heritage Acres rotationally grazes their herd, the work includes moving them to fresh grass every single day when the grass is green then grazing cover crops with some added hay in the wintertime.  Heritage Acres strives to raise "the BEST beef while making the MOST [positive] impact on our soil's health." To Paula and Chris, locally grown food is more than just the final product that gets put on the table.  It's about sustaining a family business, improving the health of the land, investing in the community, and ultimately caring for each other.  

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Where to find Heritage Acres: