Harmony Food & Produce Co.

Meet Lyn Miller of Harmony Produce and Food Co. !

Lyn is raising chemical- free, fresh food for the Chadron and Black Hills area. This is Harmony Produce and Food Co. first year as a member of Buy Fresh Buy Local Nebraska, and we are so excited to have them!

Harmony Produce & Food Co. offers:

  • Chemical-Free Produce
  • Pastured Poultry
  • Honey
  • Pork
  • Grass Fed Beef
  • Eggs

“Many people understand the need to have and enjoy high quality food; I endeavor to provide this food to them and enjoy the process.”

Harmony Food & Produce Co. began in 1995 producing vegetables with a desire to provide quality food for people focusing on chemical-free farming, sustainability, and direct marketing. During the past two decades Harmony Food & Produce Co. has added fruit, poultry, honey, eggs, beef and pork to their operation.


For the past 25 years Lyn has enjoyed the people-to-people connections made through Harmony Produce and Food Co.'s on-farm produce stand, CSA program and farmers' market stand at the Black Hills Farmers' Market in Rapid City. Good food breeds good conversation, and many of those conversations turn to friendships.


Where to find Harmony Produce and Food Co. :


What is direct marketing?

Direct marketing means any method that farmers sell their goods directly to consumers. When producers become the retailers, they are able to receive a higher return because they are becoming their own self-contained marketer, branding specialist and transporter.

Buying directly from the farmer is appealing to consumers because of the freshness of food, transparency of farming practices and connection to the farmer.

Food purchased in a grocery store or other retail store settings is not sold directly from farmer/producer to consumer. In that situation there are usually at least a few different “intermediaries” or “middle-men” that provide opportunities to get produce or products onto a store's shelves, but also require payment for those services.


Types of direct marketing:

Farmers' Market Stand
Roadside or On-Farm Stand
CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)
Sales to individuals or families
On-farm U-pick