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2022 Membership opens in early December! 

The deadline to join has been extended to February 7, 2022 to join and be included in the 2022 Nebraska Food Guide. Join anytime as an Online Only member to be listed in all our incredible online resources.

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How to Join

Step 1 - Determine Eligibility
  • Determine eligibility & which membership type is applicable to your operation - see criteria listed in table below.
Step 2 - Register Online & Pay
  • Pay Online using CVENT, a secure online payment system used by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
Step 3 - Complete Member Survey (both new & returning members)
  • In the membership confirmation email, click on the link to complete the member survey. Answer all the questions in the survey. This is the information we use to create your listing with BFBLN.  Our Nebraska Food Guide comes out in May and we update our online resources twice a month with new members.

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Membership Levels

We have two membership levels so you can choose what works best for your business: our full membership and our online only membership.

Option 1: Full Membership (print & online listing) includes...

$25 - $150 depending on membership type

Deadline is January 31 each year

* indicates only available for this membership level

Option 2: Online Only Membership includes...

$25 for all membership types

Open December - May Each Year

  • Use of BFBLN logos & branding
  • Listing in BFBLN online food guide
  • Listing in BFBLN Local Food Map
  • Promotion in statewide marketing campaigns
  • Inclusion in our members only listserv
  • Inclusion in BFBLN local food events

Annual member dues help us print our annual food guide, host local food events, and expand programming.  We want our membership to feel engaged to help drive the organization, create change in our local food system, and tell others what membership means to them. 

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Membership Criteria & Eligibility

Buy Fresh Buy Local Nebraska seeks to increase consumer confidence in local food promotions as well as increase awareness of the importance of Nebraska-grown foods & goods.  To be a trusted brand and transparent source of local food information, we have the following membership requirements of participating producers and businesses.

  • All members must sell locally-grown products within Nebraska borders and meet the member type specific criteria (farmer/rancher, business, farmers' market) outlined in the table below.
  • Participate in an annual survey measuring the impact of the program.
  • Utilize brand materials for a period of 12 months.  If membership is not renewed, or if a member is removed or voluntarily withdraws from the program, the member agrees to discontinue all use of brand graphics and language.
  • Create a business profile for the website and/or printed food guide
Membership TypeCost of Full
DefinitionBFBLN Requirements
Farmer/Rancher $50 Operators who grow or raise food or other agricultural products (fiber, nursery plants, Christmas trees, etc.) for sale to the public including Family Farms, Orchards, Apiaries, CSAs, Farm Stands, U-Pick. Farming practices listed in your profile must be truthful and transparent. We welcome all farmers & ranchers located in Nebraska or a bordering county selling locally-grown products in the state.  If the farm also retails non-locally produced items, those items must be properly labeled.
Farmers Markets $25-$150  A physical space that operates during a specific day and time where farmers and vendors gather and sell food products & other items directly to consumers. Cost depends on number of vendors. A minimum of two local farms gather and sell at your market.
Restaurants & Caterers (Business Membership) $50 Restaurants, caterers, and personal chefs that commit to providing their customers with locally-grown foods. Must regularly purchase from and promote at least one local farm.  Must be working to increase use of local food ingredients.
Artisan Food Producers (Business Membership) $50 Businesses that use locally-grown ingredients to create new products like jams, jellies, breads, and baked/prepared goods, cured meats, fermented vegetables, etc.  A primary ingredient in the product (i.e. apples in applesauce or oats in oatmeal cookies) must be a locally-grown product.  Must regularly purchase from and promote at least one local farm.
Grocers & Retailers (Business Membership) $50 Grocery stores, co-ops, butcher shops, markets, and stores that commit to buying and stocking their shelves with locally-grown products. Must regularly purchase from and promote at least three local farms.
Specialty Beverage Producers (Business Membership) $50 Businesses that use locally-grown ingredients like grapes, hops, or apples for wine, beer, cider, kombucha, or spirits. Must raise your own grapes, hops, grain or fruit or regularly purchase from and promote at least one local farm.

A member may withdraw from the program voluntarily at any time by providing written notice to BFBL Nebraska. BFBLN may, at its discretion, remove a member who fails to honor this agreement.  In either case, the member is not entitled to any refund of fees.

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